Contoh Soal Sertifikasi CFE (1)

Lanjutan tulisan ini.

1. An insurance agent collects payment from a person for insurance, but doesn’t remit the check to the insurance company, keeping the payment. This is known as:

A. Equity fraud
B. Churning
C. Premium fraud
D. None of the above

Correct Answer (C)

In the instance of premium fraud, an agent collects the premium, but doesn’t remit the check to the insurance carrier.

2. __________ is the term used for including additional coverages in the insurance policy without the knowledge of the insured.

A. Twisting
B. Sliding
C. Churning
D. None of the above

Correct Answer (B)

Sliding is the term used for including additional coverages in the insurance policy without the knowledge of the insured. The extra charges are hidden in the total premium, and, since the insured is unaware of the coverage, few claims are ever filed. For example, motor club memberships, accidental death, and travel accident coverages can usually be slipped into the policy without the knowledge of the insured.

3. All of the following are responsibilities of a bankruptcy judge EXCEPT:
A. Hearing all cases regarding debtor and creditor rights
B. Conducting hearings and trials
C. Recommending reorganization plans to district judges
D. Awarding fees to professional

Correct Answer (C)

All bankruptcy cases are filed in the local district of the United States Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy judges hear all cases involving debtor and creditor rights, approve plans of reorganization, award fees to professionals and conduct hearings and trials.

4. Under provisions of the Fifth Amendment, a defendant may NOT be required to produce, before the time of trial, relevant evidence to the prosecution.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer (B)

The government may require the defense to produce before trial all relevant documents, items, test results, and other evidence the defendant intends to offer as evidence at trial. This provision does not violate the defendant’s Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, which protects him or her only from compelled production of testimonial statements.

5. Prior convictions of a defendant usually are NOT introduced at trial unless the defendant takes the stand.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer (A)

If a defendant testifies in his or her own behalf in a criminal trial, he or she is subject to cross-examination, just like any other witness, and the prosecution may impeach his or her credibility by showing prior convictions. This usually is a death blow to the defense, and is the reason that many defendants do not testify.

6. In a complex organizational structure, it is less likely that misbehavior will be detected and punished than in a simple organizational structure.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer (A)

Complex companies provide a structure that can foster misbehavior. They provide many settings where misconduct is possible. They isolate those settings in departments and in locations around a city, the country, or the world. The isolation, in turn, means that information about what one part of a company is doing may be unknown in another part. All this reduces the risk that misbehavior will be detected and punished. The larger a company grows, the more specialized its sub-units tend to become. An internally diversified company may have few employees who fully understand the detailed workings.

7. In the area of criminological theory, ____________ is the theory that tries to prevent a crime before it occurs by using the threat of criminal sanctions.
A. Punishment
B. Prevention
C. Deterrence
D. None of the above

Correct Answer (C)

As a strategy to control crime, deterrence is designed to detect law violations, determine who is responsible, and penalize offenders in order to deter future violations. Deterrence systems try to control the immediate behavior of individuals, not the long-term behaviors targeted by compliance systems. Deterrence theory assumes that humans are rational in their behavior patterns. Humans seek profit and pleasure while they try to avoid pain. Deterrence assumes that an individual’s propensity toward lawbreaking is in inverse proportion to the perceived probability of negative consequences.



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9 responses to “Contoh Soal Sertifikasi CFE (1)

  1. vin

    halo pa,
    mau tanya biaya pelatihan CFE sampai sertifikasi berapa ya?
    apakah yang latar belakang non akuntansi bisa ambil CFE ?
    seberapa berat hambatannya ?

    terima kasih

    • terakhir kali saya cek, biaya ujian CFE sebesar $250
      sertifikasi CFE tidak hanya untuk yang berlatar belakang akuntansi (terbuka untuk semua background)

      mengenai hambatan, saya kira persiapan adalah kuncinya
      bisa dengan mempelajari materi/soal ujian CFE terutama di website, atau dengan membeli CFE preparation material seharga $750 yang dikeluarkan oleh ACFE

  2. apakah bisa mengkopi modul atau latihan soal dari bapak? saya tertarik untuk belajar mandiri. mhn infonya. trims

    • mohon maaf karena materinya copyrighted, jadi tidak memungkinkan di-copy

      mungkin bisa dicari sumber contoh2 soal dari website ACFE atau dari sumber lain, thx

      • trims infonya, kalo di indonesia itu ujiannya apakah harus di tempat tertentu atau bisa dilakukan di rumah (onlne)? mhn informasi detailnya khususnya terkait teknis ujiannya.

  3. ishakstjahjono

    Pak Faiz, ujiannya bisa dilakukan di rumah tapi ada batas waktunya. Untuk 4 modul harus diselesaikan maksimal 1 bulan setelah codenya dimasukan dan untuk tiap modul ada batas jamnya. Walaupun dilakukan di rumah tapi jangan coba-coba untuk bekerjasama atau membuat contekan karena ada 2 orang di LN yang bekerjasama dan ACFE bisa mendeteksinya. keduanya dikeluarkan dengan tidak hormat dan dipublish di webnya

    • wah thanks infonya Pak Ishak.. saya baru tahu tuh..
      logikanya sih, namanya juga ACFE, pastinya punya cara tertentu untuk mendeteksi fraud dalam ujian CFE ya.. kan nggak lucu, masak bergelar CFE tapi dapetnya dengan cara2 yang fraud juga hehe..

      • trims infonya… maklum pak masih buta soal CFE. saya kira materi2 itu dapat didapatkan scr gratis tapi ternyata bahan2 materi harus beli juga ya. kalo boleh berandai-andai seandainya saya ownernya pasti saya gratiskan karena penting sekali knowledge sharing.

      • hehe.. enaknya kalau semua ilmu pengetahuan bisa gratis y pak wkwkwk..

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