Contoh Soal Sertifikasi CFE (2)

Lanjutan tulisan ini dan itu.


1. C

In the instance of premium fraud, an agent collects the premium, but doesn’t remit the check to the insurance carrier.

2. B

Sliding is the term used for including additional coverages in the insurance policy without the knowledge of the insured. The extra charges are hidden in the total premium, and, since the insured is unaware of the coverage, few claims are ever filed. For example, motor club memberships, accidental death, and travel accident coverages can usually be slipped into the policy without the knowledge of the insured.

Contoh Soal Ujian CFE

3. All of the following are responsibilities of a bankruptcy judge EXCEPT:
A. Hearing all cases regarding debtor and creditor rights
B. Conducting hearings and trials
C. Recommending reorganization plans to district judges
D. Awarding fees to professional

Hayo… sapa bisa jawab ?!?!?! Saya juga bingung neeh 🙂

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